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We connect you to Sri Lanka. WorldEx provides solutions that matter to you and your business, turning challenges into opportunities. We are applying our expertise where it can make the most impact. If you are interested in Sri Lanka, you have come to the right place where the best opportunities and services are offered for you to get started with investing money for profit, to do business or travel to Sri Lanka with no hassles. We are in your plans – It is set for you together with our expert team at WorldEx Business Center-WBC.

Our Services

We meet your needs with a wide range of services because we want to make you most confident and comfortable to move into Sri Lanka. WorldEx Business Center-WBC is ready to cover you with the best destination services, local partnership, free consultation, legal documentation, business formation, banking facilities, visa facilities and a dedicated personal assistant-PA to serve you and manage your business in Sri Lanka at One-Stop.

Why GO with US?

We know that many foreigners are interested in Sri Lanka for many reasons, that is the reason for us to creating a comprehensive service system for them. We have opened the free way into Sri Lanka - Now it’s easier, reliable and flexible to you and your business to move into Sri Lanka. Our experts are fully committed to assist you at 24/7.

Where is the

best place to travel,

to invest

or to do business

in South Asia? We all

have reasons for

our selections but if you

have a deep consideration

of pros and cons, you


love to select Sri Lanka


 for many important reasons

that best suitable to

you and your 

business plans to go


with no hassles!

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to new 
Investment facilities
in Sri Lanka.
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To Do Business

If you are planning to investing money for profit or to do business with Sri Lanka, we look forward to welcoming you to WorldEx Business Centre-WBC which is now open into the world. We focus on prospective investors to be promoted into new business areas in Sri Lanka that develops the business into big profit and long term economic prosperity. How to get started? do not hesitate to contact us because it all starts with a first step. Our experts are ready to guide you to the right procedure. We can tailor the size that best suitable to your investment capacity into right business that takes quick steps towards your success in business with Sri Lanka. 

Travel to Sri Lanka

The top tourist destination in South Asia? No doubt, it is Sri Lanka. This fascinating island in the Indian Ocean provides everything for your needs and happiness. We guide you to finding great opportunities that best suitable to your dreams. Our well experienced team is ready help you with the best destination services from Sri Lanka into tour tour plan that going well with your budget and aspirations. We look forward to welcoming you to our quality services that you need to travel to Sri Lanka. 


We take your requirements as well as current and future needs into account to offer expert advice that will enable you to make use of our services into great opportunities you need to keep your way and business up and running with Sri Lanka.

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