WorldEx In Frequently Ask Questions

What services does WorldEx offer?

We offer quality services into opportunities for you to get started with investing money for profit or to do business with Sri Lanka and tour operation in Sri Lanka.

How does WorldEx work?

If we know your requirements as well as current and future needs, we will cater you with the best services. Please go to our form to write to WorldEX for the services that you are interested in.

Why should I thrust WorldEX with my needs?

Because we understand you. We update our services according to your requirements and needs so we know the issues you will face and also we are dedicated to our service policy that consistently aims to provide you with quality services that best suitable to your ambition and plan.

Why do I need services to move into Sri Lanka?

Because we understand that it is difficult to go international without any support from the particular country.

Can I go in partnership with WorldEx?

Yes, prospective international partners are welcome to WorldEX Business Centre for a better change in business and long term prosperity.

How can I invest in WorldEx for profit?

To get started with investing money for profit with WorldEX is really easier and safer. You can contact us for free and confidential consultation.

Can I get residential facilities in Sri Lanka?

Yes, we can provide you with a wide range of facilities including your necessary visa to live in Sri Lanka.

Can I buy a land to do my business in Sri Lanka?

Yes of course, we can assist you to buy a land and house for your residential or business needs in Sri Lanka.

Can I get a company registration in Sri Lanka plus business management services with WorldEX?

Yes of course, our expert team is ready to assist you to succeed in business with Sri Lanka.

Can I operate as an international agent for WorldEX Business Centre in Sri Lanka?

As a company with global ambition, you are welcome to WorldEx Business Centre in Sri Lanka.